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Badlands Wild Horses Saved From Slaughter

These horses have been saved, how many are still at risk? Maybe we could try to syndacate in Italy to find a way to import them here… Let’s write us about this idea!
Questa foto mostra un gruppo dei 108 cavalli selvaggi salvati da un gruppo di volontari. Vengono dalle Badlands americane, dal parco intitolato a Teddy Roosevelt, il presidente americano noto per il suo amore per la natura selvaggia del suo paese (sì, era anche un cacciatore, ma questo non è il punto…). Peccato costi così tanto portarli in Italia (anche se potremmo pensare di metterci insieme per farlo, che ne dite? Aspettiamo commenti in merito).

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: The Cloud Foundation

Team effort prevents 103 wild horses from going to slaughter

Badlands HorsesWISHEK, ND (Oct 2, 2013) – Thanks to an enormous effort on the part of horse lovers across the country not one of the 103 Badlands wild horses removed from the Teddy Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) were purchased by kill buyers. This appears to be the first time in the history of the Park in which no Park horses went to slaughter. The Cloud Foundation (TCF) and affiliate organization Legacy Mustang Preservation (LMP) purchased 36 mustangs and worked together with North Dakota Badlands Horses (NDBH) to successfully publicize the Sept. 28 auction.

The public’s love of the mustang was evidenced by the outpouring of donations in from 7 countries; donations came from children, retirees, and even a homeless person.  Generous equine advocate, Victoria McCullough stepped in just days before the auction and donated funds to…

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