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Apre un nuovo museo del West a San Antonio, un video sui Comanche di oggi da vedere

There is also a little place in Italy where we’ve been working for almost 25 years to honor and to protect the history of the Comanche nation within the history of the USA. Nemenuh were the horse people, we do our best to walk our path in a similar way. If we can suggest one thing: do more to remind the Comanche way to work with horses. Take care. In questo post potete ascoltare una rappresentante dei Comanche parlare del suo popolo in occasione dell’apertura di un nuovo museo del West: nel nostro piccolo, salutandola, le abbiamo suggerito di fare di più per tramandare lo spirito e i modi in cui i Comanche, i migliori cavalieri del West, vivevano in simbiosi con i cavalli.


A new Western art museum has opened in San Antonio, Texas. The Briscoe Western Art Museum had its grand opening in late October and is named for former Texas governor Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Briscoe and his wife, Janey, who were strong supporters of Western art.

The $32 million new museum currently has approximately 700 objects on display. Reflecting its stated mission to preserve and interpret the art, history, and culture of the American West, the museum houses artifacts and art ranging from the very last saddle of the Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa to painting by Maynard Dixon.

The Briscoe Western Art Museum also reaches back in time prior to Anglo-cowboy culture to recognize the histories and cultures of the Indigenous, Spanish and Mexican people who predate the formal organization of Texas as first a republic and then a state. The following news clip gives further background on the museum’s…

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Per vendere in America abbiamo fatto un patto con il diavolo!

Il nostro agente all'Inferno, pardon, negli USA.

Seth, il nostro agente all’Inferno, pardon, negli USA.

English Abstract at the End of the Post

E vediamo se qualcuno si azzarda a non comprare i prodotti di Nine del Lobo (o le nostre vacanze a cavallo) negli USA! Halloween permettendo, è il momento di presentarvi Seth, ovvero uno dei titolari di Philly Italia, la società che ha appena cominciato la commercializzazione dei prodotti dell’azienda agricola biologica che ci ospita (e di tutta la nostra Bellalavalle) negli Stati Uniti.

L’obbiettivo lo ha colto in una pausa di lavoro, durante una presentazione piccante nella notte di Halloween  in cui, non a caso, ha fatto sfoggio di uno dei grembiuli disegnati da Sacha. Negli USA come in Italia i prodotti di Nine del Lobo e i servizi di Rancho Comancho si possono acquistare, ricordatelo, anche via Internet, andando sul sito www.italianpepper.us .

Non si può dire che non ne sappiamo una più del diavolo!

Yes, we did a pact with the devil to get finally in the USA!

Halloween was chosen as the best day to begin with Nine del Lobo’s (the organic farm hosting the Ranch) US import. This is Seth, one of the owners of Philly Italia, the company importing our stuff in the other side of the Ocean. He is in the middle of a hot tasting the night of Halloween, proudly dressing one of the aprons disegned by Sacha.

Nine del Lobo’s products and Rancho Comancho’s services can be bought also by mail, clicking on the site www.italianpepper.us.

Sunday Column: My name

Well, for an Italian ranch now run by a young wolfie like Sacha, the old one thinks this site and this kind of news are absolutely needed (and the farm is called Daughters of the Wolf, even better and we have a Jessica here too, right in the picture at the bottom). Thank you Jessie, if you’ll ever be in Italy, here we are home too! Una bella persona, delle belle foto, della bella musica e pure dei bellissimi cavalli… Impossibile non stabilire un nesso, con tutte queste cowgirls (e avendo una Jessica con noi (qui sotto, a destra, sul suo Macho).

Sacha e Jessica, a destra

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Jessie Veeder
I tried to change my name to Stephanie when I was in kindergarten. A little boy named August raised his hand during sharing hour and asked to be called Gus, and, well, I thought that meant in kindergarten we got to change our names. So I raised my hand and declared that everyone must now call me Stephanie.

My sweet teacher looked at me, no doubt trying to stifle her laughter at the little weirdo before her, and calmly declared she thought Jessica was a nice name and I should keep it.

I was bummed. This was the 80s after all and Stephanie was the name of my favorite character on Full House. But I carried on as Jessica until second grade when we moved to the ranch and, struck with a sudden urge to shorten things up, I introduced myself to my new country school classmates as Jessie.


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